TaxAct Review 2017 – Best For Repeat Customers Only

We dive into TaxAct 2017 and honestly there weren’t many changes over prior years. Read our full review here:

In our full review, we cover:
– TaxAct navigation and how they make it easy to hop in and out of different sections
– TaxAct 2017 ease of use and some downfalls we discovered trying to input things
– TaxAct’s lacking knowledge base
– TaxAct Online 2017 pricing and plans, which are very similar to last year. However, they renamed their self employed plan the “Freelancer” plan, and added a new premium tier which offers audit defense for the first time.

Honestly, the best users of TaxAct will be simple W2 only filers (although H&R Block’s More Zero is probably a better fit), along with prior year users who want to import their past returns. Otherwise, most users will find a better interface with better pricing elsewhere.

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