TaxAct Review 2017 – Best For Repeat Customers Only

We dive into TaxAct 2017 and honestly there weren’t many changes over prior years. Read our full review here:

In our full review, we cover:
– TaxAct navigation and how they make it easy to hop in and out of different sections
– TaxAct 2017 ease of use and some downfalls we discovered trying to input things
– TaxAct’s lacking knowledge base
– TaxAct Online 2017 pricing and plans, which are very similar to last year. However, they renamed their self employed plan the “Freelancer” plan, and added a new premium tier which offers audit defense for the first time.

Honestly, the best users of TaxAct will be simple W2 only filers (although H&R Block’s More Zero is probably a better fit), along with prior year users who want to import their past returns. Otherwise, most users will find a better interface with better pricing elsewhere.

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User BEWARE! I used taxact for my 2015 taxes, paid the fee’s to e-file, file was submitted for e-file. June of 2018 I received a notice from the IRS that they did not receive my 2015 tax return. I contacted taxact and they basically said fuck off! Taxact took my money to e-file and didn't send in my return! My fine and penalty for taxact to screw me was $236.87. I will never use taxact again.


Sorry but I strongly disagree with your review. Here is why.
I itemize so I tried H&R Block first for the free itemization package.
First the main thing I wanted to do was to see how many dependents I claimed affected my total tax.
I got divorced so figuring out how many dependents I could claim vs my ex wife could claim. They live 50-50 with me and their mother.
I have 4 children under 18.
I could not do that with HR easily. Once I put 4 dependents, I had to delete 3 to calculate for 1 dependent.
Then I had to re-enter them manually to put 2 dependents, then 3 then 4. What a pain in the @#$!
With TaxAct, it was VERY easy to play with the number of dependents. I entered my 4 kids then I could disable one at a time. Beautiful!
Second, HR Block was very UNclear how the data entered affected my tax.
With TaxAct, the Summary page is awesome. You can see the numbers for each deduction. You can also click on go back on this specific topic and change things.
With HR, it was murky, not easy and confusing.
Third the Help is so much better with TA. There is always a link to click on the right that explains things.
With HR Block, they do not have that. They push relentlessly to have HR Block adviser review your return. I was tempted to do that since it was confusing.
But it is $50, takes time, and you have to choose an adviser! No thank you!
Bottom line, at the end of HR I was not sure I did everything correctly. With TA, I was much more confident!
Also I paid 5 for state and 5 federal for TA = $10 with their promotion. HR was $15 because I wanted to keep the data for next year.
So cheaper already! But I would have done the $50 adviser review because the software for HR is not user friendly! So total of $65.
I have not tried Turbo Tax but I definitely put TA 2nd place before HR! (price cheaper with TA promotion, clarity and interface easy to use)!

Alejandro Gonzalez

your video was helpful towards my choice, thank you




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