TAX POWER HOUR: 2018 Tax Reform explained by CPA’s: Hector Garcia and Jody Padar

Tax Questions:

Navigating the 2018 Trump Tax Plan, GOP Tax Plan, 2018 tax reform, whatever you want to call it… Guest: Jody Padar CPA

IRS Tax Penalties video:

Second video in NAR’s series on how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impacts real estate, real estate professionals, and consumers. Four sections in this video:
1) Changes in tax rates (0:33)
2) Higher standard deduction (5:54)
3) Loss of personal exemptions (10:55)
4) Doubled child credit (13:03)
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Jodie Larson

Excellent ! Thank you. As a CPA of 25 plus years, I am so unclear how to advise clients who have real estate activities and how to plan and advise. The devil is in the details…

John Spiru

Great info, thanks Hector and Jody

randy smit

To make this better, Hector should stop interjecting his comments/opinions.

Wil Gong

Great info, thanks Hector and Jody.

Heather Weldon

Great info and very helpful! Thanks Hector!

Gina G

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us Hector. Where can i get the slides for this Power Hour?

Rooftop Solutions LLC

Thank you!


Keep up the great content. 😉

Penny Mason-Anderson

Does this tax credit count if you have two teens in college as well? Do you get $4000 credit?

G Kab

So I'm basically breaking even.

Pam E

Thank you gentlemen for explaining the new tax laws. America have forgotten the initial reason taxing citizens. It is so unfair that people who are not trying to depend on government services suffer the most. It is just a struggle to provide food, clothing and shelter especially for the unskilled workers. While I applaud the government for raising the income and age for earned income credit it is still a farce. I am disappointed in my country and its greed. With the expense of everything going up, stagnant salaries, our government is killing us with the stress of just trying to survive and provide. Again thank you for sharing. that informative information.


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