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2nd Tallinn Tax Conference

2nd Tallinn Tax Conference

Future of the Corporate Income Tax in the World: Is this the end of the CIT as we know it?


9.30 – 9.45 WELCOME ADDRESS AND INTRODUCTORY OUTLINE Mr. Dmitri Jegorov, Deputy Secretary-General, Ministry of Finance

International developments of the CIT over decades: how did we get to where we are and where do we go from here?

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owens, Director, WU Global Tax Policy Center, Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, Vienna University of Economics and Business (by video)

Is our corporate tax system fit for the challenges of the 21st century?
Dr. John Vella, Associate Professor of Taxation, University of Oxford, (keynote speaker)

11.15 – 11.45 COFFEE BREAK

United States’ role as an international tax rules influencer: overview of discussed ideas, adopted changes, and issues left for the future
Prof. Mindy Herzfeld, Professor of Tax Practice, Director of International Tax LLM, University of Florida (keynote speaker)
The Future of Corporate Income Tax and the Tax Function of Tomorrow: insights and lessons from EY’s Future of Tax initiative
Carlos Lobo, Partner of EY Portugal, Tax Policy Leader for the Mediterranean area, Professor at the Law School of Lisbon

13.00 – 14.00 LUNCH

BEPS and Beyond: An OECD perspective on the challenges facing the corporate income tax and its prospects for the future
Mr. David Bradbury, Head of the Tax Policy and Statistics Division, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD
Common (Consolidated) Corporate Tax Base – a response to 21st century CIT challenges? Which problems will C(C)CTB solve and which will remain?
Mr.Uwe Ihli, Head of section, Unit TAXUD D1 – Company Taxation Initiatives, DG Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission
Expert view: what is a competitive tax system and which systems will be competitive in the future?
Mr. Scott Hodge, President of the Tax Foundation

15.30 – 16.00 COFFEE BREAK

16.00 – 17.30 PANEL DISCUSSION
Better the devil you know? Comparing the views of business, academia, and rule- shapers on problems and solutions
Mindy Herzfeld, John Vella, David Bradbury, Uwe Ihli, Scott Hodge, Maria Volanen (Chair of Tax Committee, Digital Europe; Head of Tax Policy, Tech Industries of Finland)

Mr. Dmitri Jegorov, Deputy Secretary-General, Ministry of Finance
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Three of the world’s most-recognised brands – Starbucks, Google and Amazon – are under fire in the UK for depriving Britain of millions of pounds through elaborate tax avoidance schemes – READ FULL STORY

The tricks have caused public outrage, and one action group has even come up with an unconventional plan to highlight what’s been dubbed the companies ‘immoral’ tactics.


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Getting help for international tax issues

It is easy to get into international trouble with the IRS.

First, some things you may think of as non-taxable are things the IRS wants to know about… and collect taxes on. Foreign pensions, foreign life insurance, foreign gifts and trusts, and foreign bank accounts. If you own any of these, you probably have a reporting requirement.

Second, something called “Universal Tax Jurisdiction” creates a lot of confusion. What it boils down to is that the US is the only country in the world that effectively taxes based on citizenship status. So, even if you’re a US citizen living and working overseas, you’re still subject to the IRS.

The IRS has made it clear that they are looking for tax returns and incorrect voluntary disclosures with technical errors to scrutinize. They are looking at taxpayers as targets for quotas, and not as actual people.

The IRS is the most complicated thing in the history of history. International taxation is even more complicated! We do not expect our clients to have a full (or even partial) understanding of the IRS. We know that you are probably confused, and don’t know the right questions to ask. We expect you to be nervous —with everything at stake, who wouldn’t be?

If you’re concerned and need help, contact us to set up a consultation. Your information is subject to the attorney client privilege. 888-727-8796 or

IRSMedic is the law office of Parent & Parent LLP, and we have over 10 years of experience in dealing with international tax issues like yours. We can answer questions like:

Do you really have to pay the 27.5% (0r 50%) offshore, FBAR penalty?
What if your bank is “blacklisted”?
How to find out if you are really “willful.”
Are there alternatives to using the Offshore Disclosure Program?
How can you keep your wits about you through this whole process? Remember, you have the moral high ground — not the IRS.

We have clients all around the globe, and while every case is unique, your issues — no matter how complicated — are probably things we have seen before and have dealt with successfully.

IRSMedic, the Law offices of Parent & Parent, LLP
Located in Connecticut, serving taxpayers around the globe
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Will tax reform cause a blue state backlash?

Will tax reform cause a blue state backlash?

Conservative columnist Dr. Gina Loudon on tax reform, the Mueller investigation and calls to investigate the Department of Justice and FBI.

Learn more at –
The 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act creates significant changes and new challenges for accounting for income taxes. Tax reform significantly changes the US taxation of foreign earnings. Despite the changes in US tax law, companies will need to continue to evaluate their indefinite reinvestment assertion.
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2018 Annual Tax Update – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and More!

Alexander Efros, MBA, EA, CPA, CFP® from Efros Financial details the changes applicable to tax year 2018 per the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) as well as other major changes (including the New Form 1040).

You may skip ahead to any particular section using the links below (please click the pertinent timestamp):

0:28 – 1. The Brand New Form 1040 (Postcard Filing)
7:59 – 2. Increased Standard Deductions
10:12 – 3. Exemptions Are No Longer Applicable
12:06 – 4. New ,000 Limitation for State and Local Taxes
15:20 – 5. Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions (2%) Have Been Eliminated
17:45 – 6. New Limitations for Mortgage Interest Deductions
19:33 – 7. Alternative Minimum Tax Changes for Individuals
20:36 – 8. Limits on Itemized Deductions Have Been Eliminated
21:14 – 9. New Qualified Business Income (QBI) Deduction (Section 199A)
24:18 – 10. DANCE PARTY
24:35 – 11. Changes to the C-Corporation Tax Rate and the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
25:21 – 12. Wrap-Up

Efros Financial is a Los Angeles-based CPA firm providing financial planning and tax preparation/resolution services. Learn more at

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MUST WATCH !! The Easy way to understand CA Final Direct Tax Topic Special Tax Rates under Income Tax Act 1961 Section 112, Section 111A By CA Vijay Gaurav Faculty CA Final Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, International Taxation and CA-IPC Taxation. During Lectures the students get handwritten notes made by them in just around 300 pages (Full Coverage) along with more than 300 Practical questions are taken up in the class. The benefit of taking classes from Sir is that the student become able to revise the syllabus of Direct Tax and Indirect Tax just in 1 or 2 days time.

CA VIJAY GAURAV is graduated from “University of Delhi” and a fellow member of “The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” qualified in 2002.

He is a reputed tax consultant practicing in the field of Direct & Indirect Taxes.

He is working as Tax Consultant for various organizations including National and Multinational Companies.

Teaching is passion for him. He is providing specialized classes for CA-Final: Direct Tax & Indirect Tax and CA–IPC: Taxation & Law. He is having vast teaching experience of more than 10 years.

More than 5000 students have got success in CA/CS/CMA under the guidance of CA Vijay Gaurav.

The mission of CA VIJAY GAURAV is to provide individualized education that address students’ unique learning styles, cultivates independent thought, and promotes the building of character, enabling them to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways.

He is a prominent educationists with great experience of teaching both theoretically and practically.

Over the period, he has enrolled students from all parts of India and Nepal.

He has earned the confidence of over 5000 students and with a positive feedback regarding his way of teaching.

His objective is to prepare the students of CA with intellectual and practical skills so that they can compete in the challenging future.

CA Vijay Gaurav puts great emphasis on practical aspect of the subject along with case studies and practical examples so that students will easily understand the implications of Sections and Rules of Taxes and Laws.

He is having vast practical experience and deals every aspect of the subject, whether theoretical or practical, with flowcharts and practical examples. He guides his students not only for his subject but also for other subjects at CA-IPC & Final level. He also teaches them the better ways of presentation in exams so that students can score better marks.

He has also authored many books including:

“Simplified Notes on DIRECT TAX”for students of CA-Final,

“Simplified Notes on INDIRECT TAX”for students of CA-Final,

“Simplified Notes on TAXATION”for students of CA-IPC &

“Simplified Notes on BUSINESS LAW, EHICS & COMMN.”for students of CA-IPC

His books contain the Provisions of each section of subject in a simplified & comprehensive manner including the latest amendments. The books have been most judiciously prepared and are self sufficient, fully updated most comprehensive and most reliable text for CA students.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 Explained – Changes Begin in Tax Year 2018

President Trump’s tax reform, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, is some of the most sweeping tax legislation that we’ve seen since the Tax Reform Act of 1986 under Ronald Reagan. This new tax reform is effective for tax year 2018 and beyond, and as of this recording, the changes are scheduled to sunset in 2025.

In this video, Matt Horsley, CFP® from Pure Financial Advisors gives a brief overview of how these tax cuts affect you.

Important Points:
(00:29) – Lower Tax Brackets
(01:29) – Exemptions, Standard and Itemized Deductions
(01:58) – State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT Deduction)
(02:34) – Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
(03:04) – Home Equity Line of Credit
(03:13) – Estate Tax
(03:30) – New Deduction for Small Business Owners
(03:55) – Roth Conversions

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• Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Services are offered through Pure Financial Advisors, Inc. A Registered Investment Advisor.
• Pure Financial Advisors Inc. does not offer tax or legal advice. Consult with their tax advisor or attorney regarding specific situations.
• Opinions expressed are subject to change without notice and are not intended as investment advice or to predict future performance.
• Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values.
• All information is believed to be from reliable sources; however, we make no representation as to its completeness or accuracy.
• Intended for educational purposes only and are not intended as individualized advice or a guarantee that you will achieve a desired result. Before implementing any strategies discussed you should consult your tax and financial advisors.

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Here come the new rules for 2018 all the way through 2023! This is a super important video to watch because if you miss any of those rules the consequences could be catastrophic! Is the Standard Deduction better than Itemizing? Or is itemizing better than the Standard Deduction? Watch my video to find out!

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