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2018 Tax Changes Simplified

Can someone just tell me the jist of the tax changes? This is what this video is about. There are of course many many changes but you might wonder about what the biggest ones are that will affect you without needing to do hours of research. I have summarized it for you to give you an idea and the tax changes are huge. There is no easy answer to see if you will get a lower or higher tax bill since the changes are so complex. There are certain things you CAN do to try to minimize your taxes with this new reform.

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International Tax News

International Tax News is designed to help multinational organizations keep up with the constant flow of tax developments.
Speakers: Suchi Lee
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Suchi Lee, PwC’s Global International Tax Leader, takes us on a worldwide tour of key international tax developments, including:
– directive on disclosures and digital services tax in Europe
– broader business implications of the new US tax law
– American Bar Association recap
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2018 Income Tax Changes For Individuals (2018 Federal Income Tax Rules) (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2018)

(Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2018) 2018 Income Tax Changes for individuals explained! (2018 Federal Income Tax Rules) . VERY DETAILED AND EASY TO FOLLOW….

Learn about Donald Trump’s new tax laws. Tax Reform 2018. 2018 Federal Income Tax Rules! Downloadable notes included below. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill brings numerous new changes to the world of taxes. In this video you learn how these changes may impact your personal tax return.

You can follow the links here to download the spreadsheet:

Video Outline and Time Stamps so you can quickly jump to any topic:

• Regarding filing your tax return as of 4/15/18 – 0:52
• References used to create spreadsheet – 1:39
• The actual tax bill – 2:07
• The 2018 Federal Income Tax Bracket Rates – 3:40
• About your payroll withholdings – 4:40
• Changes to the 2018 standard deducatoin – 5:04
• 2018 Personal Exemptions – 5:46
• Child tax credit rules for 2018 – 7:36
• 2018 State and local tax law changes – 8:20
• 2018 Mortgage interest deductions – 10:03
• 2018 Miscellaneous itemized deductions – 12:03
• 2018 Education and 401(K) Rules – 12:47
• Alimony rules for 2019 – 14:06
• 2018 Federal Estate Tax Exemption – 15:42
• Alternative Minimum Tax – 18:59
• Affordable care act tax penalties – 19:32
• 2018 Capital Gains, Charitable Contributions, Moving expenses, etc – 20:26

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