Why tax reform is so hard

It’s the eternal presidential promise, but tax reform hasn’t been done since 1986. Christine Romans looks at why it’s so difficult to get it through Congress. Two hints: people love their tax breaks. And people hate paying new taxes.
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we need a progressive tax system. 45% for billionaires, 40% for millionaires, 35% for upper middle class(from 150K up to 999K), 30% for middle class(80K up to 149K), 25% for lower middle class/working poor (50K up to 79K) and anyone making less than 50K will taxed at 20%

Michael King

because Democrats and rinos don't care

Wilhelm Von Heinzerling

There is no magic formula… PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES. PERIOD.

Troll Boss

Liberals try to make it hard, it's the source of their gravy train.


Basically, it's due to simple-minded Americans and a corrupt campaign finance system. Got it.


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