Tax Reform's Million-Dollar Question (HBO)

Trump’s proposing a dramatic overhaul. But one section of the tax code he won’t mess with are structural entitlements—the system of special provisions and loopholes that disproportionately benefit the wealthy.

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Even if you're a super small business or self employed (1099 recipient) you can take advantage of write offs to reduce your profit and pay less in taxes. Yes, the laws favor the rich but even the little business person can take some. Why not take all you're allowed? I wrote this book, "radically simple accounting", about how to setup an accounting system, what are the deductions, and the price of the book is a deduction too. Because some of taking those write offs is about having a system for organizing information.

Chris Snyder

Loses ?

Terry Robinson

boooooooo! boooooo!


never saw the point of shilling for the rich. they make enough cash to live in luxury, you should focus on helping the middle class

From my point of view, you are upside down.

You clearly know nothing about the economy, maths or statistics. I suggest you to read the book Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. Then read all the rest of his books.

Calamity Amity

The corporate Wealthfare Queens are destroying the economy!


Great logic, cause they stole less of Bobs money, the gave him some. NO, they stole less. It's obvious that entrepreneurs can handle money way better than the state, therefore were they to pay less taxes, they can expand more by creating new jobs, giving more people employment and in turn boosting the economy and reducing poverty while generating as much or more money in taxes. Oh, and the regular guy gets a break too buy keeping more of his hard-earned money. It's so simple.


This video helps prove leftists are communists that have no understanding, regard or respect for private property. 1:27 "Even if you make the argument that it's about getting your own money back, well then why do we let home owners get their money back but not renters? Why don't we subsidize people who give their time to charities, but we only subsidize people who give money?" Because home owners own the home, and renters do not. The one who owns the rental gets money back because he owns the property. Renters should be working toward not being renters, owning assets and property and becoming home owners so they can do the same eventually, and if they don't want to, then that's on them, but that's how it works. And for charities, people who give time are called "volunteers", and they didn't give property like the people who gave money, called "donors", which is what really makes an organization function. Also, instead of forcing Bob to hand over more of the money he earned to government so they can give it to people who didn't earn it, let everyone else pay less like Bob does and keep their money where it belongs – in the hands of the ones who earn it. C'mon, people, think a little. This isn't difficult stuff…

Grega Jezersek

more tax cutts for the rich = more shittier jobs for the poor…sounds good to who ever wants to work their life away and make some random jackass money…No wonder trumptards support this crap.

Peter Gracia

abolish ALL taxes

Tommy Najor

The government is not loosing money from tax breaks. The whole point of those tax breaks is to encourage business owners to stay. The 15% revenue is far better than the 0% revenue, not to mention the jobs that are created from them having income to invest. What should be more alarming is not that millionaires pay 15% their income, but that regular joes pay 30% that's crazy!
This video is incredibly deceiving, especially the graph of tax deductions.
Also I think I've seen this video before, is it just me or does vice just re-release old content?


The average effective tax rate of individuals making the average income ($50K) is 9%…that's less then 30%.

Not saying we shouldn't end deductions/credits, ideally they are removed evenly from all income levels & corporations. We should also increase taxes on the lower income levels, not decrease them. Too many people pay nothing & have no skin in the game.

Tommy Najor

"Just 15%" sounds reasonable to me, imagine if he had to hand over more, 20-30% for what?



Andre Barros

did you ever thought instead preaching for higher taxes to all, preach lower taxes to all? blame government not the rich ?


Why can't we 1. Dismantle the welfare state and 2. Have a flat tax with no breaks

Andrew Lively

The government only took part of my paycheck, so if you think about it, the government effectively gave me all the income i have.

A Sissy Metal-head

And people wonder why America is in so much debt!

Brandon Becker

God vice has really gone down hill

Sean Lucas

Does anyone talk about a federal consumption tax as a viable alternative anymore?


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