International Tax Lecture Number #1

International Tax   Lecture Number #1

This is the official YouTube channel of Anuj Jalota Education NeXt. AJ Education NeXt is Mumbai’s premiere coaching class for all levels of Chartered Accountancy course offered by ICAI, namely CA Foundation, CA Inter, and CA Final.

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Binance Creates ‘SAFU’ Fund After Outage Becomes Marketing Gold

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rohit dhir

whether pd lectures are available ??


loud voice..nice

Simply Connected

And again Binance is mega-successful Chinese company, and USA isn't going to be able to tell it what to do. And USA can sanction China, Russia, Iran, Saudi, and just about everyone else as well – but what will that result in – major poverty for USA, third-world levels of poverty – streets of Los Angeles – tent city – this is happening. USA has no adults in the room left to actually run society, they have no industries left, just their soon-to-be-abandoned dollar. I am looking EAST not WEST! And pretty much everyone else is too. I had great experiences with Binance, and they made $1billion in last year – can't be bad!

Simply Connected

I think its totally unethical to eliminate cash, in fact just as unethical as it would be to eliminate Crypto. People need to have a choice, and there are many many reasons why someone may wish to deal in cash – that is their private business and no-one else's. Tax itself is immoral when its spent on invading other people's countries and stealing their resources, or killing people. Or when its spent bailing out immoral banks. The poor use cash to save themselves a little bit. To eliminate cash is thus draconian and nasty. Furthermore on the subject of the national debt, if its defaulted then no it won't just mean a click on the mouse on the computer in the Fed – it will be the devaluation of the bills in your pocket. Look at it this way :- would YOU accept payment which is an IOU from someone who has just rung up a debt of $20trillion and is now unable to pay any of it back? Well that IOU is exactly what your dollar is. That's why people all around the world are now actively seeking NON-dollar payments, such as China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran – USA can no longer just bully these countries into using the dollar, that time is coming to an end.

Simply Connected

dcsilver doesn't have the mannerism you'd expect from a lawyer – he's incredibly casual and careless in his talk – makes very bad impression – the other two lawyers looked very poker-faced when he spoke.

Itzelbi Funz

Hope your back is ok doing ok. Have a great day Morning Brief crew. You are missed.

Peter Walker

oooh look at me i bought a security and i didn't know it wasn't a security waaaaaah and i lost money trading it waaaah yet i can afford legal teams. Pull the other one scammers.

I don't give a Fork

Please make XRP a Security!! Then dozens of huge Broker Dealers like Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Edward Jones, Ameriprise Financial etc, etc could use their trillions to start trading XRP

russell UK

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Garry Neville – The ex Manchester United star and current TV pundit

R.S. La'Point

Tone stop with the BS and get an accountant on this channel.

Robert Kennedy

So Tone, are you paying taxes on your bitcoin income? Your panel seems to think you should be.

Simply Connected

Gold price manipulation – a MUST WATCH !!

Back When Army Of Two First Came Out

3 classy lawyers and 1 half-drunk moron

Back When Army Of Two First Came Out

Cryptocurrencies should be banned until consumer protection regulations can be put in place. Period. It's WAY too easy for unregulated "businesses" to steal from customers.

Vanderval Borges-ADM

30$ Free It will be released in 7 hours, go!

Pokepoke Fox

On my ESO Chart its looking like a big BEARWICK O_o we'll see =) – Thanks from Germany Tone!

Crypto Green Man and Friends

Tone obviously has a trimmed monobrow. Never trust a man with a monobrow.

Raw Power

nice one tone thanks

Ryan McAlister

Tone is very negative about most things

Ramya Krishna M

Hey guys,any news on the upcoming ICO'S??


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