Income Tax Amendments | AY 2019-20 | May & Nov 2019 Attempt | Finance Act 2018 [Part1/3]

Income Tax Amendments | AY 2019-20 | May & Nov 2019 Attempt | Finance Act 2018 [Part1/3]

Part 2 of this video:-

Part 3 of this video:-

Link to material used in Part 1 is as follows:-

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Taxation with CA Sahil Jain

I've categorised all the amendments into chapters. While all these chapters are covered at the CA Final level syllabus, only some of them are covered at CA Intermediate Level.

Hence, all of these amendments are applicable to CA Final students while for CA Inter students, only those amendments as are related to chapters in Inter syllabus, shall be applicable to them.

ami ami

Thank you so much sir, following ur all videos

Rizwan Rizz

Boss…I think something missed. Sec 44AA has changed.
Please confirm


Sir plz provide pdf

shreya agrawal

Sir, for presumptive taxation u/s 44AE, income taxable for heavy goods vehicle is Rs. 1,000/- per ton. This ton (1000 kgs) is the weight of the vehicle or of the goods carried? Is it like heavy goods vehicles are of weight more than 12000 kgs, that is, 12 tons so presumptive income is 12000 Rs. or so (proportionate to the weight of the vehicle)?

Advait Gore

I really liked the video.
I have downloaded your notes, but how do I understand that which amendments are applicable to CA inter.
Please help Sir.

S Rathi

Sir where is your Icds class on youtube.. As you are referring that in this lacture.?


Thank you sir☺

Mohit Arora

I have gone through the entire video ! Nice presentation ! Keep going high !!

Adventure Bijaya

Sir esi mail sent karalo

Sarthak Goel

Sir , will u upload may 19 amendments for CA inter tax.

Varsha Bhat

sir can we please get the link of the ICDS lecture? its getting very tough to read from the study material without conceptual clarity.

Dinesh V

Please send link to PDF file for amendment

riddhi kedia

Tqsm sir your teaching style is awesome

ravitheja gulla

With due Respect :
Would like to provide one small suggestion, sir.
It would be better to Use some different Font for Amendments like "Algerian" to highlight the amended text instead of highlighting with red Colour because when we take the printout, everything will come in Black only. Then it will be very difficult to trace out the amended text.
or simply you can use Italic and Bold for Amended text.

Rahul Jadhav

Sir plz… Upload part 2… As early as possible… Thank you… Sir you explain in such a simple way connecting the section with reason of implementation.

GST, MCA Income Tax & others Updates

Sir please upload reversion lecture also for CA final it will great help for us

vamsi gangiredla

Thank you so much. Very helpful. Following all your videos


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