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Click test study: LSA Ads, Local Pack or Organic Results

In an ever-evolving digital marketing environment, one element remains consistent – Google’s domination of search engine market share. This also holds true when it comes to how consumers research and look for lawyers online, with 90% of consumers saying they…

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What Digital Platforms Consumers Use to Find Lawyers Online in 2023

The process of consumers researching which law firm they should hire is more involved than most attorneys realize. While the significant majority of all consumers use Google, that’s not the only source they use when searching for law firms online….

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Should I use chatGPT to create content for my website?

There’s been an insane amount of buzz around chatGPT in the past couple of months. From large media outlets, television news coverage, or social media, it seems you can’t go a single day without hearing someone talk about it. And…

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20 Law Firm Marketing Ideas & Tips for 2023

If you’re like most law firms, you’re always looking for new ways to market your business and attract new clients. Today, nothing offers more potential to grow your practice than the Internet. It goes without saying however that competition amongst…

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New study: COVID-19 Impact on How Consumers Hire Lawyers

Including important takeaways for improving your visitor conversion rates and generating more cases in 2022. Has COVID-19 impacted how consumers hire lawyers? According to our most recent consumer study, the answer is yes. We looked to answer many questions in…

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