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Mass Tort Lead Generation for Law Firms

If you are interested in generating mass tort leads for your law firm, digital marketing is one of the best ways to advertise. While there are many firms and millions of dollars being invested in mass tort marketing in 2023, you can still have success in generating mass tort leads if you are working with the right agency. While the space is highly competitive, the best mass tort marketing companies in the industry can help you successfully market your practice and generate a high volume of leads on a consistent basis.

When it comes to mass tort marketing campaigns, you need to be aggressive and start as soon as possible. The earlier you start your mass tort marketing campaign, the better your chances. Mass tort marketing as an industry is growing, which means there are lots of law firms and mass tort lead generation companies competing for the same cases.  Having the right marketing company on your side is critical to your success.

There are many ways you can advertise when it comes to mass torts. Below are the most popular methods:

SEO for Mass Tort Cases

If you have the right SEO team behind you, mass tort SEO (search engine optimization) is the most cost effective and profitable method of getting mass tort leads for your business. Understandably, mass tort SEO is highly competitive, so you need the very best team behind you. iLawyerMarketing is recognized as the very best SEO provider in the legal industry (and we have objective data that proves this, ask us to share this with you!). At iLawyerMarketing, we have run highly successful mass tort marketing campaigns for over a decade.

Paid Search for Mass Tort Marketing

Mass tort paid search campaigns are another excellent way of generating mass tort leads. Not every legal marketing company has experience running successful paid search campaigns for mass torts. The iLawyerMarketing team has years of experience and understands exactly what it takes to be successful with your mass tort marketing campaigns. This includes Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads,TikTok Ads, OTT  and more.

Google Ads for Mass Tort Cases

One of the best ways to quickly generate mass tort leads is through running Google Ads. Yes, there are plenty of competitors which means click costs will be high. If you are a personal injury lawyer or you have experience with Google ads for mass tort cases, you already know this. However, with a smart and efficient team behind you, you can have a lot of success generating leads and cases. The truth is, most Google ad campaigns are highly inefficient. The team at iLawyer will make sure we use all our experience and resources as a Google partner to maximize efficiency of your mass tort campaigns.

Facebook Ads for Mass Tort Cases

Facebook and Instagram ads are also great ways advertise your law firm and generate mass tort leads. With the right audience targeting, you can maximize the efficiency of mass tort ad campaigns and get more “bang for your buck”. With hundreds of millions of users in America, Facebook and Instagram has a large audience size that should not be ignored. This includes users of all ages.

OTT Ads for Mass Tort Lead Generation

While not many law firms have run OTT ads in 2023, it certainly should not be ignored when it comes to mass tort marketing. While you might not be familiar with the name OTT (Over the Top), you are familiar with these types of ads. These are the ads you might see while watching shows on streaming services or connected TVs. The beauty of OTT ads is that you can demographically target your audience. Want to just serve ads to females over the age of 45 all over the U.S.? Do you want to serve ads to people that work in certain industries? Do you want to target Spanish speaking households? Yes, you can do that with OTT advertising as well. Our OTT mass tort advertising team can help you craft the right campaign for your law firm.

Traditional Advertising for Mass Tort Cases

There are still the traditional marketing methods to advertise for mass torts, such as TV, radio and billboards.

Television Advertising for Mass Tort Leads

Costs to run a mass tort advertising campaign on TV can get very expensive. It may work to generate leads, but if you are going to run commercials for mass tort cases, we feel it’s much smarter in 2022 to run streaming ads (OTT) because it allows you to target market the right audience, as mentioned above.

Radio Advertising for Mass Tort Lead Generation

Radio is another traditional to advertise for mass torts. However, depending on what type of mass tort case it is, it may make more sense to advertise on podcasts in 2023.

Marketing Strategies for Mass Tort Cases

If you are interested in getting new clients for your mass tort practice, contact us today. We can help provide you with the right combination of marketing options to help you generate new mass tort clients. Whether that’s through SEO and content marketing, Google and Facebook Ads, OTT ads, or all of the above, we can help. We have excelled at law firm marketing for over 17 years, and we have a thorough understanding of what it takes to run successful mass tort marketing campaigns. We will use our experience and expertise to drive quality leads to your firm through smarter online advertising.

If you are interested in generating mass tort claims leads, call us today and one of our consultants will provide you with a free consultation.