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Attorney Geofencing Example

Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve with your law firm marketing in 2020? One of the ways you can advertise in ways that most of your competitors are not is through the use of geo-fencing for lawyers.

What is geofencing and how does geofencing work?

In order to serve geo-fencing ads, a virtual boundary must be set around a specified location using GPS coordinates or RFID-enabled software. Once a person carrying a mobile device has entered the virtual perimeter of the location, we can trigger a specific programmed action, such as serving ads to that individual for up to 30 days after they leave that location. These ads are then served on other websites or phone apps.

Geofencing makes sense for many types of law firms, including divorce, criminal and personal injury lawyers. Including location based advertising in your marketing mix is highly recommended in 2020 if your budget allows. Consider that where a consumer is physically at can give you clues as to what their needs may be. For example, if a consumer is at a body shop, they may have been involved in a car accident. We can target a list of body shops and collision repair centers in your area and serve ads to those visitors. People at a hospital may be injured or visiting a family member and may be in need of a personal injury lawyer at some point, even if they aren’t thinking of that right at the moment they are in the hospital (which is why we continue to serve ads for a specific period after they have initially triggered the geofence). A criminal attorney may want to target police stations and local jails. A DUI lawyer could target bars and pubs. A divorce lawyer may want to target therapist offices or counseling centers. Maybe you want to geofence your competitors! There are many possibilities when it comes to geofencing for attorneys.

Where Will Consumers See These Ads

Your ads will be served on the ad space in a database of over 600,000 webpages and apps and will appear as banner ads on these apps and web pages.

geofencing ad example

With geo-fencing ads, the goal is to maximize the number of impressions for your law firms and to ultimately help you generate more leads and cases for your law firm. If you would like to start running geo-fencing ads for your law firm, contact us today for your free consultation.

Geofencing Ads on Facebook

Facebook Geotargeting

The team at iLawyerMarketing can create Facebook “geofencing” campaigns, called Local Awareness Ads. The difference in Facebook geofencing ads and the standard geofencing campaigns we run are that you are limited to 1 mile perimeters around a given address, as opposed to creating a geofence around a specific address location (addressable geo-fencing).  Given the incredible reach Facebook has, this can be a highly affective way to market your law firm.

Do you have questions about geofencing ads for your law firm?

If you have any questions about geofencing ads for your law firm, contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.